Ninebot by Segway ONE S2

Ninebot by Segway ONE S2

ONES2Icon Master it

This one needs devotion

Beat the competition

Top performers go top gear

30 km reach

Be adventurous and get more out of life. Plug in 30 kilometers of fast-paced fun and reach out to those places you couldn't reach before.

24 km/h speed

Get better, improve your skills and push your limits. The only one who can make this ride any better is you.

3h loading time

Plug & charge your ONE S2 while you rest & recover. A full recharge only takes up to 3 hours – you'll be ready to move.

Cheat physics

Get comfortable with the new standard

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2:30 min

See how you can customize your ONE S2, the possibilities are endless.
By Ninebot Inc

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2:30 min

Feel like going outside? Take the ONE S2 for an exciting ride around the city.
By Segway Romania

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2:30 min

Take a closer look at the ONE S2’s clean design.
By Ninebot Inc

Play your way


Free your imagination

The blank side of the ONE S2 enables you to customise your vehicle with labels, graffiti, paint - it's up to you.


Choose your gear

Equip your ONE S2 with protective covers for better endurance. Contact your retailer for inquiries on accessories.

Choose your lighting color

The ONE S2 is provided with thousands of lighting effects, which can be set via your Ninebot by Segway App.

Advanced performance

Get a 360° view

Choose your preference:

Main features

Ninebot by Segway App
Meet friends, check your statistics, get firmware updates and stay in control with the anti-theft feature
Made of the very best materials, IP54 rated protection
High-speed CPU
The ONE S2 has the newest, fastest processor
Easily customise your ride with labels, covers, graffiti or paint
Smart battery management system (BMS)
With 2 batteries
In case anything happens, the ONE S2 also works with just 1 battery


   ONE-S2-C_03_resized.png         Ninebot-ONE_White_2_111815_resized.png   ONE-Z6-渲染图-正侧_resized.png
Product Ninebot by Segway ONE S2 Ninebot by Segway ONE E+ Ninebot by Segway Z10
Appropriate age 16-60 16 - 60 14 - 60
Max speed 24 km/h / 15 mph 22 km/h / 13.6 mph 45 km/h / 28 mph
Max. mileage Approx. 30 km / 18 Miles* Approx. 30 km / 18 Miles* 90 km / 56 Miles*
Net Weight 11.4 kg 14.2 kg 24 kg
Dimension 448 x 419 x 182 mm 475 x 453 x 175 mm 457 x 530 x 178 mm
Battery 310 Wh 320 Wh 995 Wh
Max. charging time 3 hours 3 hours 10.5 hours
Max. climb angle 15° 15° 25°
Max. driver weight 120 kg / 19 Stone  120 kg / 19 Stone 150 kg / 24 Stone
Remote control via App No No No
App Monitor Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
Water resistance IP54 IP54 Mainframe IP54
Battery Pack IPx6
Operating Temperature - 10 - 45° - 10 - 45° - 10 - 40°
Power output 500 W 500 W 1800 W
Tire size 14 inch / 35.5 cm  16 inch / 40.6 cm 18 inch/ 45.7 
Box contents Mainframe, user manual, legal statement,
tip card, extended nozzle, charger
Mainframe, user manual, legal statement,
tip card, extended nozzle, charger
Mainframe x2, user manual, legal statement,
tip card, charger, power cord
Box dimensions 450 x 230 x 500 mm 500 x 240 x 540 mm 630 x 300 x 600 mm

* Tested under riding in full power, 70kg load, 25°C environmental temperature and 15km/h average speed on pavement.       

Please note that rules and regulations for riding Segway products on public roads differ for every country, for more information check our Support page.

Fingertip control

Ninebot by Segway App

Lock your vehicle with anti-theft

Get diagnostics about the vehicle condition

Use personal defined settings and change LED lights

Download the latest Firmware

Learn how to ride your vehicle

Find friends nearby and join the competition

Get the most out of yourself

Master the Ninebot by Segway ONE S2 and keep improving – push your limits. Customize your ride, travel in style and measure your improvements through the Ninebot by Segway App. The ONE S2 not just a means of transport – it's quite something else than your regular hoverboard. So think extreme sports and hit the pavement at high speed.

Be adventurous and reach out to places you haven't been before. Go places you wouldn't believe were inside your reach and explore those places a hoverboard won't take you. Take on your competition. Meet friends and interact with each other through the Ninebot by Segway App.

Don't worry about your footprint, this ONE S2 is environmentally friendly. Made with highly durable material, the ONE S2 has IP54 rated protection.

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